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Exicon first came together in 2007 as Catalist Group, which operated as an incubator for mobile-focused start-up companies. Catalist connected growing companies with resources and experienced mentors to help them through their early years. They also match mobile companies with angel investors appropriate to their product and mission. Several digital media companies grew out of Catalist in addition to Exicon. In the days before widespread smartphones, Mobizine provided main-stream magazine content to mobile phones. "Charged" was the world's first print magazine focused on the mobile lifestyle. In parallel with the publishing businesses, Catalist launched a real-time-bidding advertising network to focus on Chinese consumers, Bornelli.

The worldwide Financial Crisis forced the team to look in a new direction. Exicon Development was formed to create a worldwide network of mobile software developers. The team used its expertise in matching high-tech companies with the resources they need to create BAM!, the Branded App Matchmaker. BAM! matched companies that were serious about making a mobile app with developers that have the specialized skills for their project and eventually evolved into Exicon's Node service. In 2011, Exicon added to its tools for customer engagement and big data analysis through a partnership with iMail Global, a digital marketing technology specializing in audience research. With this perspective, Exicon sought to extend its services beyond the BAM! model to cover the entire LifeCycle of a mobile app. Our mission was to support companies in all phases of managing their apps: defining, building, deploying, and measuring. We didn't see these steps as a single path, but as a process for continuous improvement of the app platform.

Today, the Exicon AppBoard combines all the tools necessary to start work on a new app or maintain a whole portfolio you have built over years. Our team continues to look forward for more ways to simplify app management and make your apps work for you.

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