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May. 2014 - The List: Women of Hope

Tech entrepreneur Cat Purvis Rust was born in Hong Kong and has worked in China, the UK and the US. She returned to Hong Kong in 1999 and got her footing in the digital space. From there, she went on to found 11 mobile and web-based startups, including Exicon, an "App Lifestyle" management platform, which helps companies deploy successful mobile apps. See original article

The Next Women

Apr. 2014 - NextAdvisor Cat Purvis: Money Money Money!

Cat Purvis is one of the NextAdvisors signed up to advise our community in our Business Advice Programme...Continued

Women still on outer edges in key industries

Mar. 2014 - Women still on outer edges in key industries

Cat Purvis comments on the difficulty in finding women that are actively seeking work. This South China Morning Post article investigates how some of the key industries of Hong Kong are still suffering from serious gender disparities. See original article

Future Travel Experience

Mar. 2013 - Exicon: Airlines must tailor mobile solutions for the passenger experience

Mobile technologies will feature prominently at the upcoming Future Travel Experience Asia conference, taking place in HK...Continued

The Next Women

Mar. 2013 - Cat Purvis, on Being a Female Tech Entrepreneur in China

Cat Purvis is the Founder of Exicon, an App LifeCycle management company that simplifies the creation, deployment and...Continued

Award Global

Dec. 2012 - Red Herring Global Award Press Release

The Red Herring Top 100 Award celebrates innovations and technologies across various industries...Continued

Women Foundation

Nov. 2012 - Leading Women Speaker Series: Women in Technology Panel and Networking Event

The Women’s Foundation launched an exciting new initiative on November 27, 2012 - the TWF Leading Women Speaker...Continued


Jan. 2012 - IDC – Buyer Conversation: Exicon’s platform and services for managing the mobile app life cycle

In this Insight, we spoke with Stefan Rust, the CEO and founder of Exicon about their core business, which is to...Continued

Speaking Engagements

Discovery and Trust

Mar. 2014 - API Strategy & Practice Conference, Amsterdam

How are APIs being used in the wearable devices market? What are the tradeoffs with app development? How well are the companies that expose APIs doing against their "closed off" competitors?...Continued

TWF and Bloomberg

Dec. 2012 - TWF and Bloomberg present the Women in Technology panel discussion

The Women's Foundation, one of Hong Kong's leading NGOs dedicated to the advancement of women launched The Women's Foundation’s Leading Women Speaker Series in partnership with Bloomberg...Continued

WTM 2012

Nov. 2012 - WTM 2012: Going Mobile - Stefan Rust

Going Mobile at World Travel Market 2012 - As PC sales fall, smartphone sales continue to rocket with Android taking the lions share. Is mobile working for your organization or are you in danger of being left behind?...Continued

Mobile Matters

Aug. 2011 - Mobile Matters

How mobile can add value to multiple screen content services in the Asian digital entertainment landscape...Continued


Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2013

26 - 27 Nov. 2013 - Mobility


Mobile Monday Hong Kong - Exicon is on the organizing committee and assists on the event management for Mobile Monday Hong Kong.

Jan. 2014 - In Coins We Trust

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

Oct. 2013 - What you should be wearing to track your health?

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

Jun. 2013 - Campaign Targeting And Tracking With Precision

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

May. 2013 - The Battle of the Road Warriors

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

Mar. 2013 - Mobile World Congress

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

Jan. 2013 - Brand = Experience

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

Dec. 2012 - Travel Industry Going Mobile

Momo Momo Momo ...see all

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WTM Presentation

WTM Presentation

Going Mobile at World Travel Market 2012 - As PC sales fall, smartphone sales continue to rocket with Android taking the lions share. Is mobile working for your organization or are you in danger of being left behind? Stefan Rust...continued

Olympics Report

Olympics Report

Olympics - ALL industries’ can take advantage of the largest sporting event in history. See what GE, Samsung and Visa are planning...continued

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