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A Management Platform For All Your Apps

Providing you the intelligence, tools & connections for managing your portfolio of apps.

All in one place

Manage all of your apps from one platform.

Track metrics

View and compare all of your analytics.

Manage resources

Maximize the return on your investment.

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Cloud Based Platform

All your app assets properly managed with full oversight into how your apps are distributed, where and how they are performing. With all your assets within reach your team can reduce cost and time to market while your company continues to innovate in mobile and connected devices.

Intelligent Newsfeeds

Discover relevant news from the web to stay on top of the competitive landscape around your app investment.

  • Regular news update for mobile, in your market
  • Personalized newsfeeds to keep track of your competitors
  • Listen to what people are saying about your apps

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All of your Analytics in one place

Aggregate all of your analytics, in one dashboard.

  • Compare analytics across platforms
  • App download and revenue analytics
  • Session time and open rates

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Market Intelligence

All the intelligence you need to compete in the app store market. Receive download and estimates for individual apps or categories.

  • Track any app’s downloads and revenues
  • Identify platform opportunities
  • Analyze trends and developments

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App Builder

Find the best fit developers from our carefully selected community of 4000 world-class developers and receive 3 professional proposals for you to select from.

  • All development companies are bound by our NDA
  • Improve your chance of success working with our experts
  • Match you based on skills, budget, location, and features

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App, API and Company Tracking

Track Apps, API's and companies to drive awareness across your business

  • Easily identify all of your apps and API's throughout your organization
  • Keep tracking your competitors apps and API's
  • Centralize all 3rd parties involved in your app development

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App Storage and Distribution

Store all of your code, meta data, and easily distribute to app stores.

  • Easily distribute your app to many leading app stores
  • Keep all code, meta data and assets in one place
  • Export an APK file and upload your app straight into app stores

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Cloud Storage

Store all of your app files in one place...images, psd's, videos, copyright and more.

  • Keep all of your components under secure control
  • Ensure all of your files are secure and backed up

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