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Cat PurvisHighly influential EVP & Founder of the company, driven individual with a great sense of humor and a mother of four.
Stefan RustThe CEO at Exicon. Inspired. Spontaneous. Unstoppable, a passionate thought leader in his field.
Simon SmithThe sailing enthusiast keeps us on course and out of troubled waters as he keeps watch over Legal, HR, and IT aspects of our business.
Vicki EastonMarketing, Communications and Project Management Specialist, sports fanatic, would live in Italy if she could.
Daniel de MareProduct Manager
Terry WongThe technical expert, an experienced customer facing leader & mentor, active photographer and traveler.
Rocky YanWeb Engineer
Matthew BrowneIs all about finding the right guys to get the work done, spends his time on the water whenever work doesn't get in the way.
Avani BakhruMarketing Executive at Exicon, social media savvy, energetic and competent researcher, loves traveling and spending time with family.
Bertrand TernatBusiness Development Director
Exicon Logo
Hilda ChanGraphic Designer
Anna KwokWeb Programmer
Henry LiuWeb Programmer
Brendan LeitchThe COO at Exicon.
Ryan WalkerProduct Manager
Digital Marketing & Communications

Director of Business Development
Graphic Designer
Director - Operation & Performance Management
Web Programmer
Web Programmer