Our summaries give various insights into mobile trends and how different industries are applying them.

Mobile Ad Spend

Why should your brand invest in Mobile Marketing in 2014? Check out the Infographic.

The Power Of APIs

Everyone is talking about data but a lot of people think about data in a “straight line” going from where it is generated to where it is recorded.

Mobile Ecosystem

App Creation is a complicated business because there are so many different parties involved.

11 Signs of a Poorly Planned App

It's sad to see apps sitting alone in an app store, with only a few dozen downloads to their name. We know that with a little bit of help, they could be so much better.

The Internet of Things: A History of Computer Networks Between Everyday Objects

From a pipe dream in 1991 to a $19 trillion dollar industry in the near future, the world continues to merge itself into the Internet of Things. In this infographic, Exicon takes a look at the technologies that formed the basis of the IoT.

The LTE Direct Discovery Opportunity

This Exicon 9 page report highlights both conclusions and discussions during the Qualcomm Samsung workshop in Santa Clara in November 2014.

Wearables Landscape

We Have uncovered some starting statistics that can help you understand the burgeoning wearable landscape and make sure your strategy is working for you.

Why Successful Marketer Thinks Mobile Marketing First

The ongoing shift to mobile channels is top of mind for marketers or CMOs, as there will be estimated nearly 1.4 million mobile devices per capita as well as the mobile social advertising spends will grow to $11billion by 2017.

The True Connectivity of Mobile

Today connectivity is about how everything we do on mobile is powered by someone else's data...

Future Travel Experience

"Apps are for loyalty, web is for acquisition." Travel apps have one of the highest user retention rates of any category of app, with 50% of users retaining apps after 90 days, and using them three times a week. For many travellers...

Mobility Roadmap - Define Phase

10 steps to creating an app your users will love. Understand what is going on in your industry and with your competitors as well as learning how parallel industries are succeeding.

What's working with the big brands

What are the 5 core benefits enterprises offer to bring consumer value? Today it's all about the app. It's no longer the mobile business, it is businesses going mobile.

Marketing & Mobile

Check out the mobile marketing presentation for more details on how it's all about the app and that the web is dead.

Mobile & Hotel

What's happening in the Hotel industry? Snapshot of the key metrics for going mobile and how industry players are now heading towards digitization...

How mobile can acclerate your business

Find out what mobile could be doing for your business. Get some of the statistics, key trends and how businesses are looking at how to go beyond the app...

6 key challenges when entering mobile

Mobile is the remote control to your lifestyle and as technology evolves so does the ability of mobile to do more. Your app is, therefore, a continually evolving proposition...

Hotel Industry Disruption

What's happening in the Hotel industry? Snapshot on the key metrics...

Going Mobile at World Travel Market 2012

As PC sales fall, smartphone sales continue to rocket with Android taking the lions share. Is mobile working for your organization or are you in danger of being left behind?

Life of a Start Up Presentation

Exicon COO and Founder, Cat Purvis gave a presentation at HKUST to executives on the world number one Kellogg EMBA programme...

Software as a Service

The SaaS industry is about to go under a massive shift driven by cloud and mobility with a strong focus on mobile...

Mobile Industry in China

Still undecided whether to enter the China market? This report will give you some key insights and metrics into this huge country from GDP to Mobile Operator subscribers - a great starting point.


Check out our new 31 page report on mobile apps for London Olympics 2012!


This industry is personalizing beauty with "how-to-guides" from Estee Lauder, build your own perfume, Dr Brandt dermalogical advice and in store shopping aids.


The Travel & Leisure Industry gets 25% conversion rates, upsells impulse purchases and provides relevant information that inspires travel. Customers get mobile check ins, direct bookings and rewards.


Opportunities galore from games, to online shopping, mobile barcode campaigns and more. See what Kraft, Pampers, Tide, Red Bull and Godiva are up to.


Despite highly regulated marketing there are many ways that this industry can communicate with its customers. Using Augmented Reality, GPS trackers...


Keep track of your investments with Bloomberg, Paypal bump app payments and locate an ATM with augmented reality technology.


Track your speed and map your route with Nike, snow reports with Northface and find the perfect lense on your ipad with Oakley.

Luxury Fashion

Designer labels such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and DVF lead the way with sneak previews, exclusive app offers but there is room in this industry for more big hitters.


Check in on your mobile with Cathay Pacific, board with a QR code and manage your fear of flying with Virgin Atlantic all whilst tracking your flight.


From location aware and integrated apps, to motorsport games and “Top Trump” style stats, the industry has been leading the way in consumer engagement. Read more...


The best companies are tailoring the retail experience for mobile and tablet devices separately, from the Amazon bar code scanner...