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Digital Portfolio Management

"Think of DPM as CRM for your digital ecosystem. Get visibility on how apps, apis and developers interconnect"


Build the right apps. Manage the analytics. Drive performance. 


Grow your developer network. Access over 3000 qualified software development companies globally. Manage outreach and engagement. 

3000+ Qualified Development Companies Globally

Build an engaged ecosystem

Promote SDKs. Source quality developers. Manage hackathons. Follow your network. Strengthen developer relationships.

Make your apps successful

Increase discoverability. Track your analytics any way you want. Reduce costs and time. Collaborate across your team.

Your app portfolio aggregated, all in one place


Christopher David

CTO DCE & SVP Software

Exicon helped us build the foundation on which to drive our new products, bringing new developers into our preferred developer programs in over 20 countries which helped us generate a whole suite of local applications for the different markets.


Anthony Locke

Digital Systems Marketing Manager

As a regular user of the Digital Portfolio Management its been a great tool for monitoring the Clipsal app portfolio all in one place, really excited about the new features planned.


Richard Sofer


Brand CEO

It has been a great partnership, they are smart, responsive and the access to apps made us think about our brands very differently in terms of what we could be doing in digital..........and are ALWAYS and excellent resource for up to date thinking and industry insight.