2015 - The year companies go mobile

We're not talking about “Enterprise Mobility” but instead about companies going mobile.

Companies are making their data and tools available to their partners globally on mobile devices. Marketing departments are rapidly mobilizing their assets in order to respond to a fast evolving market.

To do this, they are "appifying" their business to engage users in a betterfaster, and more efficient way, driving notable cost savings and better relationships with customers.

According to a survey conducted by Altimeter, it's the CMO who is championing the digital transformation of the business.

Based on Forrester Research, third party analysts, and our own experience, 2015 will see $160B investment in mobile dedicated to tools, maintenance, licensing, hosting, management, and app development, both using internal resources, as well as through third party relationships.


The number that really stands out in the Forrester Research, is the 13.5B USD that Enterprises and Governments will invest into building mobile apps with the help of outside third party development specialists.



To provide further context, Enterprises and Government spending alone could generate an entire Blackberry App store, inside of just 12 months.


In order to help Enterprise clients and Governments find the right developers necessary to build their apps, we've built the App Builder.
Exicon has facilitated $400 million in app development projects between our network of over 3000mobile development companies (employing over 50,000 mobile engineers) with Enterprise clients over the last 7 years.
Building intuitive UX for 4 inch screens requires unique talent. We are skilled in proving you with tools such as the App Calculator to help you estimate the investment needed to build the type of app you’re looking for. 
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