AP...What? What is an API?

The World Wide Web is full of acronyms that, many times, we use so often and freely we forget what they even mean. You have a pretty high techie IQ if you know what the following actually stand for:


- PDF - MP3 - ROM



However, I bet you use most of these daily and don’t have a clue! Worried that you might lose your hacker-card, Anonymous? Stay calm. Fact is, most people don’t and it doesn’t make you any less tech-proficient.

Such is the case with the acronym-du-jour, API. Maybe you know when you need one and have a foggy idea what one is, or maybe you glaze over and shake your head yes when the IT guy starts jabbering on about them. Either way, we have a great infographic that will raise your techie IQ and move you one step closer to knowing everything.

So, what is an API? It stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is what makes whatever you are doing look like this:

instead of this:


Still sounds like computer magic? Check this out.



So, now you can feel even smarter every time you plug in your toaster, hacker! I mean who doesn't want to be talking about an API Management Proxy! And if you want more check out www.apiaxle.com

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