New AppBoard Features for July 2014

We've been hard at work, improving how our clients work with the AppBoard to manage their mobile apps. This week, we're rolling out two new features that will make it easier than ever to compare and analyze app analytics across platforms and over time.

First, we've changed the AppBoard interface to combine matching iOS and Android apps into a single aggregated profile. If you have developed an app for both platforms, it will appear only once in the 'All Apps' view and you'll have the option to view your data independently or summed together. These views are controlled by the Platform drop-down menu.



Secondly, we've added an Export CSV button so that any user with the right permissions can download all in-app analytics data with one click. This will help you when your team needs to take the data outside of the AppBoard, such as into PowerPoint for a presentation.


Combining the different platforms, different stores, in-app analytics, as well as competitive insights will make the AppBoard the best tool for mobile app analytics available to marketers.

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