Paying Expenses in Bitcoin - Trends in utility apps

My first bitcoin expense reimbursement arrived in my Bitstamp account

At Exicon we use the Saas App Expensify to manage staff expenses. Not only does Expensify integrate with Xero our accounting system, but it also allows your staff to choose the option to be reimbursed in Bitcoin.

When submitting reports, you have the option to request Bitcoin reimbursement.


You will then be asked to enter your Bitcoin address.


As we originate our expense reimbursement out of Hong Hong, at Exicon we use ANX. The transfer to my bitstamp account in the UK

  1. Cost nothing!

  2. Was Immediate!

Whilst Expensify isn't yet integrated, it sure as hell beats HSBC or any other bank for money transfer! by miles. As Bitcoin is growing in favour you'll see the impact on trends in utility apps too. 

We are now also offering to pay our developers in Bitcoin too.

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