How can I distribute my apps on multiple appstores?


We are delighted to announce our partnership with technology companies CodeNgo and APPIGNITER which will allow our AppBoard customers to immediately get their apps onto a whole host of additional App Stores around the world, including the highly challenging market of China. 

Stefan, our CEO, stated that this new “functionality from one single dashboard, opens up a whole new range of opportunities for app publishers and enterprises,  well beyond the traditional iOS and Google Play app stores. With one click, publishers can drive upwards of a 20% increase in downloads per new app store in the wider markets than the 2 main app stores have previously allowed. These stores would include Windows, Blackberry, Amazon is good they are Android, and more country specific stores like Yandex in Russia and Wandoujia or Tencent in China.” 

Within China, distribution channels include: Wandoujia, Lenovo, Apps 360, Baidu, Tencent,, Domob, Xiaomi, and others. Outside of China, distribution will include:  Samsung Wworld, Yandex, Opera, Amazon, Windows, and many local stores in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia.

The need came about from our AppBoard customers asking "How do I distribute my apps more easily?" Hopefully we're solving that problem for them. Are you distributing your apps as well as you could be?

Check out which stores you should be considering for your and audience.

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