Is your mobile App performing as you hoped?

Competitive intelligence for your apps


So, your company has invested over a million dollars on digital marketing and mobile marketing, and you have a suite of apps out in the market – but how do you find out how your apps are performing across the appstores against your competition? Where should you be focusing for ways to improve app performance?

We have been interacting with many Fortune 100 clients who are struggling to find out what’s out there and what's getting maximum visibility. They all have analytics embedded within their apps and appstore(s), but those only show how the app users engage and what the download numbers are. It does not give any indication of competitive intelligence and how competitive apps are performing across the categories in the appstores.

To solve this problem we’ve built a tool to provide a snapshot view of the competitive landscape. Once you define your target markets, the platforms (Android/iOS/Windows) or even specific brands, we will provide you with an overview on what’s out there and what's really getting the traction. Understanding your competition will help you to fine-tune and optimize your app and will eventually be driving more visibility and engagement with your target consumer. Finally, mobile competitive benchmarking to run alongside your own analytics.

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