Jawbone wearable Senses an Earthquake, We Sense Opportunity

Jawbone Up is a smart fitness tracker that records a user's activities, calories burned, and sleep. When the South Napa Earthquake hit Northern California, Jawbone's sleep tracking recorded all the stages. Fascinating - Jawbone's data science team has released the graph of the percentage of Up wearers in each city who were woken up or moving at 3:20 AM. It makes us think...



The key factor is that the wearable device is providing feedback from the human body faster than ever before. This can move to closing the feedback loop. Currently, we simply collect and analyze the biometric data - but what about a device that 'talks' back to you? Alert - earthquake! If someone (government emergency departments, perhaps) can tap into live data, they can potentially release an alarm though the Jawbone or the wearer's smartphone, alerting people to protect themselves. Those in deep sleep would have more time to wake up and care for themselves and their families. Or, how about a device that can sense impact or injury to the body and call for help with geolocating?

Or let your environment speak to you; for example, you can have the wearable connected with car door's detector or home security. When the perimeter of the car or house is breached (ie: someone breaks in) you can be alerted even you are at work, in the supermarket, or sleeping.We see a hidden big opportunity in the wearable device space. Can you imagine the ways a smart wearables and IoT devices could save thousands of lives?

The most important thing is that we should not sequester the wearable device's application only to fitness and health. The wearable is actually a new extension of the human body. It can collect information and sense a situation beyond people's reaction. 

Your wearable device is now your Sixth Sense.

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