Publishing mobile apps - where should they go?

The Apple AppStore and Google Play are the obvious answers, of course. And while there are only a handful of unofficial iOS app stores, did you know that the Android app store market is as fragmented as the device landscape? There are some ‘big names’ you might recognize – Amazon Appstore, and Tencent, with local major players you may or may not recognize depending on your location – anZhi, appland, Yandex, Aptoide, and the list goes on and on and on…

Add to that mix the cross platform stores such as Mobango, Opera, GetJar, and Applib, all which have millions of users and the question of where to publish your app becomes a far more difficult question.




According to recent data, adding your app to alternative app stores could increase your downloads by more than 200%. Also, because the alternative stores are smaller, you reap additional benefits such as higher visibility and a greater chance of being featured. The app world is already dilute, but by listing your app with alternate app stores, you are literally increasing your visibility by a power of 10+. That’s huge news in the app world and could mean huge things for your app.


[Image credit: One Platform Foundation / CC BY]

We are curious, publishing mobile apps. Where do you think they should go? Do you use alternative app stores? Which ones?

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