6 Key challenges when companies go mobile

when companies go mobile

It seemed so easy when you decided to get into apps and you're convinced you have a pretty good plan in place but its worth a quick step back to consider some of the key pitfalls.

We've put together a bit of a paper to talk you through the details but we wanted to give you a quick overview to help you if you haven't go the time to delve any deeper. 


So maybe we should call this "What our customers wished they had known before they got into apps"

Challenge #1 - You think you are only building one app

You argued among your team about web or mobile app and for a number of different reasons you went app and you know what you want it to do. But seldom will you build one. Usually people opt for iOS and Android, then they opt for tablet so oops, now we are at 4. And if you want to go global then you're going to want local language apps to drive downloads. Oh, and you want a different payment system in China than the US, you've got another one. 

Challenge #2 - Once you get into apps everyone wants in

If the organization hasn't built an app before, or is still relatively new, then once people find out what you're doing they all want to join the party or at least add their fetaures to your app. Once you've shown them that your Customer Account Management app may not be the best place for their Employee Holiday request feature they'll be after you for advice and you may end up being the companies new digital wunderkind. 

Challenge #3 - Choosing the right developer 

There are so many developers out there, they all claim to be able to do the work, their capabilties aren't described in same way, they won't give you a ballpark without a lot of pushing and their prices vary dramatically fro totally different sounding projects, even though they all came from your brief.

You need to think about 

  • The platforms they work on
  • Their industry experience
  • Features
  • Languages, as in real world
  • Where are they 
  • Do you have a budget and will they consider it?
  • Get recommendations
  • Do you have chemistry?

Challenge #4 - How to keep your assets safe? 

Its important to keep all of the raw materials in one place so that you and the developers have documented history, you don't get sued over lapsed licences for images, your brand is consistent and your teams can share what you have done before without reinventing the wheel. 

All of these digital assets need to be securely stored. 

Challenge #5 - How to get downloads once you have the app

Unfortunately apps are the ideal example of when "Build it and they will come" doesn't work. You need to get your app in the right appstores for your audience to find them, and I don't just mean Googleplay and Apple Appstore. Its all about getting in front of mobile users. 

Then you have to drive traffic to the app with online and offline marketing as well as appstore optimization. How to increase app downloads Part 1.

Digital marketing will include a blend of advertising, messaging, organic growth etc. 

Challenge #6 - How do you know if the app is a success

Its tough bringing all of the analytics that you should be tracking together, for one app, let alone multiple apps. You should have set your metrics before you built your app and embedded in-app analytics within your app. Then you need to find a way to bring together so that your team can be making smart decisions.

  • Appstore Analytics
  • In-app Analytics
  • Competitive Insights 


It is really worth taking the time to plan upfront when you are building an app and build a proper mobile app strategy. The better prepared you are the higher the chance of success. In large enterprises this can be a real pain in the proverbial .... so its often worth setting up a project team that works seprately to try to limit the red tape. 

All of the points above can be addressed with Mobile relationship Management tools. 

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