Do I need mobile analytics for my apps? If so, what should I measure?


Mobile apps are a bit more expensive (or even a lot more expensive) than people realize. It also takes a fair bit of time thinking about what you are trying to do and what you are trying to achieve with the app.

Without analytics there is no way to know if you should have bet the money on the horses or whether you have knocked it out of the park.

Basically we group analytics into 3 key types for mobile apps:



These are the analytics that you can access when your app is published on an appstore. When you 'publish' the app to the Appstore you will be given an account so that you can see reviews, ratings, download numbers, where and when downloads are coming from, basically all the high level information about the app as a whole.


Now this is about what is actually going on within the app. Once some has downloaded the app, find out if are they actually using it, how often, which features, and how long are they staying. We had a client who had never used in-app analytics before getting onto our App Management AppBoard. They were horrified to discover that their download numbers had been misleading as, in the month we were looking at, they were being UNinstalled faster than they were being installed! Their users were only coming to the app once and then removing it from their device. They found out there was a problem with the log in page and so they were able to do an immediate version upgrade to remedy the problem.


At every stage of your app evolution there is the desire/need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. The Exicon AppBoard can give you a snapshot of what your top competitors are up to, in the markets you are interested and even in the category you are interested in. After all, do you really want to compare your Financial Brand’s currency calculator with Barclaycard’s Waterslide game? We let you compare the calculator with others in the market or, if you prefer, provide an overview of what your competitors are doing in general to help you identify if there is a gap for your app or not.

So to recap. "Do I need mobile analytics for my apps?" The answer is a resounding YES.

Let us know if you'd like some help managing your apps. The analytics components are only part of Exicon's mobile relationship management (MRM) platform. Troubleshooting for poor app analytics is only the first part, we can also help you with the next steps to improve your app performance. 

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