Getting in front of mobile users when everyone is in the same appstore

On Friday night after work, as you slowly inch your way towards the checkout counter, you could be forgiven for thinking that everybody in the world shops at the same supermarket as you do. But go around any town and you’ll see a whole host of different marketplaces. 

So, if you are selling, Brand X cola you’re going to have think about which stores are going to attract the kind of customers who might like Brand X cola. 

Its no different for Android Appstores, not everyone shops on GooglePlay.


To give you an idea of how big a deal this is, according to One Platform Foundation it is possible to increase your app downloads by up to 200% (or up to 20% per additional Android store). Getting in front of mobile users will go a long way to offsetting the costs of development.


Are there other appstores?

There are hundreds of stores globally (for example, approximately 300 in China alone) and some of them are very successful e.g. Samsung, Amazon etc. Others ,while small, are so targeted that they can be incredibly impactful for the apps targeting the same demographic. 

And some aren’t worth going anywhere near. 

You might be interested to note that Google has had some “challenges” in China which means that there is little point expecting Google Play to be able to do much for you in reaching the Chinese market. 

Make sure your app is on the right stores for your target audience.

So if you are asking "How can I distribute my apps" check out this chart of some of the top 48 stores in the world with brief descriptions of their markets, app types and size which can help you work it out.

Alternatively sign up for an AppBoard - designed to help you build, manage and promote apps - and distribute your apps from within your own account.

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