How do I get more app downloads? Part 1 AppStore Optimization ASO

So you got your app built (and it looks fantastic) and thought that you’d be raking in the cash/users/whatever by now but it isn’t happening? You’re not alone, and I mean that very literally. With nearly 1.5M apps on each iTunes and GooglePlay its not surprising that your app is hard to find. 

So how do I get more app downloads? 

The first step is very basic but if you aren't in the store your users shop in they won't find you, stands to reason, right? The other points 2 - 9 are usually grouped under the term "AppStore Optimization" or "ASO", effectively SEO for Appstores. 

Step 1: Get on more stores

According to One Platform Foundation “Publishing your Android App across a variety of app markets can “UP” your expected downloads by 200%”. It can also increase your chances of being featured by 20 times and that obivously increase app downloads.


Step 2: Use Key words in your App Name

There is a strong correlation between the use of keywords in the App Name and its ranking.


Step 3: Use a strong Key word in the Bundle Display name

This the name which appears under the icon.


Step 4: Make the name descriptive and easy to spell.


Step 5: Make the name something you can live with

Try to use something that you won’t have to change so that you won’t lose any buzz you might have built up.


Step 6: Publish under you brand name

Too often people let the developer use their name to publish the app which automatically reduces the probability of getting found by search.


Step 7: Ideally use your logo as part of the icon

This is for consistency of branding, as well as credibility.


Step 8: Use all of the screenshots... properly

You are entitled to a number of screenshots on the stores, use them all. Use the full screen size to maximize the legibility, and annotate if necessary to explain the benefits if they are not obvious.


Step 9: Write a good app description

Keep your app description short and to the point. Highlight the app’s value, not it’s features and include keywords.


The steps above will get you in great shape for making it as easy as possible to find you and to increase the chances that users will download your app once they do.

Now you're ready to start driving traffic your way.

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