Running your hotel from the cloud(s) - trends in enterprise apps

The word hotel conjures up a number of images in my mind - from charm, service and comfort to check-in queues, bad lighting and boredom. But whatever I think of doesn't usually include any kind of technology.

As the different stakeholders, from property owner, to property managers and franchisees, all try to maximize their profits it is often difficult to reach consensus on when, what and how much it costs to implement new technology - particulary when people are still arguing the ROI of B2B apps. (Left and right arrows for slideshow below, click first)

The incumbent players in the industry are very large, relatively inflexible and require a lot of cash. However, the explosion of web services for hotels is changing the game and lowering the barriers to entry for even single hotels, strongly reflecting the global trends in enterprise apps. 

From housekeeping (Optii Keeper), expenses (Expensify), maintenance (Rev-sys) to PMS (Protel), Finance (Financial Force) and F+B EPOS (Elacarte) you can find something to meet your requirements. There are literally hundreds of options among these cloud apps with the majority providing clear metrics on the ROI you can expect.

Ironically some of them arose from a frustration of hoteliers with their installed systems, so they created their own.


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