The History of IoT - The Evolution

By the end of the year, a reported 40% of the world's software developers will be working on Internet of Things projects.

From wearable tech, medical sensors, smart home, connected cars, and personal security, IoT is growing fast, and whether you are fully engaged in the movement or feeling like Big Brother is watching, it has become an unstoppable force. From sci-fi movies in the 60's to a pipe-dream in 1991 through to today, IoT (and IoE) is now a way of life. Ericsson and Cisco have made some bold predictions - more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020, an IoE econimic impact of $19 trillion... I want some.

IoT describes the interconnection of uniquely coded computing devices existing and communicating over the internet. It is ushering in a wave of automation, safety, and efficiency as devices can do more and be controlled more, remotely.

So what does this mean to you, as a mobile app development company? IoT breathes life into a product or idea - allowing it to be better, fuller, and more robust than you can imagine or build on your own. It lets technology move faster and respond to user needs with a speed and agility that a single developer cannot mimic. Look at Jawbone

The relationship is symbiotic, not parasitic. The synergy of IoT allows app developers more flexibility and capability than ever before, while product and device makers are driven to create APIs and release open source code. The benefits to app developers is easy to comprehend, but what is in it for device makers? Leverage. Visibility. Consumer loyalty.

So, are you currently a 40 or a 60-percenter? If you are still hanging with the majority, you need to step up and board the IoT train. Let the API trends guide you and find out more about how it can benefit you. 

Not sure how? Sometimes, the best way to plan your future strategy is to look to the past. Where did IoT come from? How did it start? How will the history of IoT impact you?

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The Internet of Things is still young, but it’s real.

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