The New Breed: App Project Owners and Mobile Workflow Management

The dramatic rise of apps in every organization has created more than a few headaches with regular migraines induced by the question, "Who the hell is in charge here?"

Different organizations put mobile under different departments. It used to be the remit entirely of the technology department but we have seen that move as IT budgets move from Capex to Opex. IT departments are still heavily involved in mobile but it tends to be more in a lead role on the device and security perspective while in a supporting role with project management of development phase alongside the "appbuilder".

This move was largely been brought about by the fact that the marketing department has been clamoring for applications to support their marketing efforts. So without a clear leader, the marketing departments (and sometimes sales) have picked up the yoke. I have even seen smaller organizations toss the task of going mobile to the youngest member of the team citing "they practically grew up on mobile!".

This trend is spreading throughout the organisation (HR, logistics, maintenance, finance .....) and spilling out into their entire"ecosphere" e.g. investors, suppliers etc. 

However, to do mobile well it helps to have a depth of experience in some of the major considerations, and technology in general, which has left marketers (sales, and kiddos) feeling out of their depth. It requires a whole new set of skills to build manage and promote apps. 

Agencies have wasted no time in stepping into the role of mobile expert. And in some cases they have done an amazing job of developing integrated marketing campaigns, combining experiential marketing with online and mobile initiatives. However, as the clients become more sophisticated or the creation of specialized functions for digital or interactive accompanied by new hires well versed in the ways of mobile the agencies have struggled to keep pace with what mobile can really deliver an organization beyond a series of one-off campaigns.

Mobile is no longer for marketing alone. The opportunities are huge, permeating every department or touchpoint of an organization, from internal productivity to augmenting physical products, or streamlining customer processes. With this, comes much greater potential returns for the business but also a much broader scope and a deeper integration into the existing systems which requires a totally different level of requirements, definition, and a totally different type of developer.

At the same time, as this industry has been evolving, developers have had the time to build up a suite of products and expertise to showcase their capabilities in apps. The rock star developers are really starting to stand out from crowd so those building an app can choose the best fit for their projects. It's these developers who are able to deliver well beyond a set of features and deliver a truly great product.

Have you defined what you want mobile to do for you? Who will build it? Who will you build it for?

Get help from end to end with your new role of Mobile Product manager and how Mobile Workflow Management tools can help.

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