Top 11 Signs of a Poorly Planned App

It’s sad to see apps sitting alone in an app store, with only a few dozen downloads to their name. We know that with a little bit of help, they could be so much better. Exicon understands what can go wrong and we’re here to point your project in the right direction. By continuing your management throughout the App LifeCycle, you’ll be able to maximize the return on your app investment as you'll know how to build a great app.


  • Clarify your objective. Every App Builder project includes some time with Exicon's App Experts to plan out what you want in your app and why you want it. If you need us to run project management as well, we can ensure that the team remains focused on your goals as the design comes together.
  • Pick the right devices for your audience. If you want to reach a global audience, you need to consider how they differ from country to country. Exicon has insights into device usage around the world; we can tell you if you only need an iPhone app or if you’re leaving money on the table unless you cover Android, Blackberry, and Windows too.
  • Identify all the app’s stakeholders. Exicon knows the pitfalls of app development in a large enterprise. Our AppBoard includes features to guide project owners from conception through promotion. We’ll make sure that they know where to look for advice and ensure compliance with any corporate policies on software development.


  • Leverage what’s already built. Once upon a time, developers had to handle user management, databases, and every minor component of a mobile app by themselves. Now, we can use “off the shelf” solutions: Back-ends as a Service. Exicon’s world-class developers won’t waste your money reinventing the wheel.
  • Don’t let price trump security. If you only consider the cheapest developer, you’ll never notice the flaws in their design. Exicon provides AppBuilder customers with proposals from three different developers for each project, chosen from among our worldwide network. You might end up with the least expensive option, but isn’t it worth checking first?
  • Hold on tight to your code. You’d be surprised how often code, design work, and other investments in mobile apps get lost in a large company with no app management. Without those source files, any minor change to the apps you already own will require starting all over again. Trust Exicon’s AppLocker to keep the files where they should be: in your control.


  • Put your app where your users will find it. The iTunes App Store and Google Play may be simple to use in your country, but in others their popularity (and even availability) varies a lot. Exicon can tell you where your app should be distributed and even distribute it for you.
  • Don’t rely on your customer to find you. Apps can be a great marketing tool to engage with your customers. That doesn’t mean that they don’t require a little bit of marketing themselves. If your app IS your product, this is even more critical. Let our App Experts help you craft and execute a promotion plan.
  • APIs can help you reach even further. If you’re building an app to pair with a device or a large data set, you find more value in selling the data than the app. If you allow other developers to build apps for your device, you can leverage their skills to grow your customer base for free. APIs are the key. Exicon has ApiAxle to help you measure API usage, just like you count downloads and sessions for an app and manage external developers and their use of your APIs.


  • Build-in useful metrics from the beginning. If you’ve set an objective for your app, you’ll need to figure out how to measure success. Having a user download your app is rarely the finish line of this race. Often, you’re more interested in how the app is used. The AppBoard can collect these analytics from all of your apps, even if they use different providers.
  • Know what your analytics should compare to. Your business doesn’t run in a vacuum. You shouldn’t set your goals without understanding the market in which you operate. Exicon can provide an ongoing look into how well your competitors' apps are doing, so that you can tell the difference between “okay” and “great.”


To get beyond the planning phase, sign up for the AppBoard today. Soon, your apps will be working for you, instead of the other way around and you'll be able to share your tips on how to build a successful mobile app.

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