What is Mobile Workflow Management? Mission control for apps

MWM is a fairly new term and means different things to different people. 


To Exicon Mobile Workflow Management is about much more than managing a customer relationship through mobile, it is more about Digital Asset Management (DAM)  and mobile automation.

We believe MWM is to apps what CRM is to contacts.


Its about how everything in mobile is related.


Its about how all the moving parts fit together. 


Of course building stronger connections between brands and mobile users is crucial but it is only part of story. 


So, What is MWM? 

There are 3 parts to Mobile Workflow Management for Enterprise

  1. Build - Defining what you need and getting the right partner to build it;

  2. Manage - Storing all your mobile assets; Corporate Governance to ensure standardisation of branding and development; Distribution globally to the right stores in the right formats; Analytics to assess performance; and Collaboration across your team to reduce duplication and increase internal knowledge; 

  3. Promote (Where a lot of MWM tools are focused) - Organic user acquisition, paid user acquisition and even Engagement of your existing users. 


Think of it like Nasa Mission Control with lots of rockets in the air (your apps are now rockets by the way). You can see which rockets are where, how they are operating, how are your astronauts feeling, any cause for concern, who built the Apollo 13 lunar module so you can call him if something goes wrong, all of your team is plugged in with all the tools they need at their fingertips. 


Nasa Mission Control - ok, so we may be exaggerating our importance but its the best analogy we've got. We'd love to hear if any of you come up with a better one. 

This is such a new, and such an expensive area, with a whole host of new skills that your team is having to learn. Don't you want to give them the tools to do it right?


MWM is Mobile Workflow Management - Build, Manage and Promote your apps. 

Exicon? An MWM Platform for App-reneurs and Enterprise.

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