Some tips on how to build a successful mobile app

Building a successful app is not rocket science but is does take a bit of thinking about what you are getting in front of mobile users.

What defines the perfect app? Do you now how to build a successful mobile app.

Stunning features? Gorgeous appearance?

Yes, but it’s not enough.

A perfect app isn’t just an app with lots of special features, but it’s also useful; makes the most of your target users’ devices and their needs.

Most of us today have at least one smartphone to hand, each with countless apps. How long does your app ‘live’ on users’ phones? One year? Half year (or less)? The industry average is three months. 

So to get you in the mood it you might like to check out 11 signs of a poorly planned app. 

Here are some points from my own thoughts and some online research:

1. Less is more - Simplicity

Obviously before you start you should be thinking about what the heck you want out of your app. What are your objectives? 

Everyone having a smartphone doesn't mean that everyone is familiar with smartphone apps. The trends prove that apps should be efficient and simple.  With so many apps there really is no room for a crude implementation; it’s should present itself strongly, clearly, and of course be easy to use – that’s what simplicity means. Just look at these examples:

2. Usability & Uniqueness

Most importantly, make sure its stable...

Do you enjoy having to continually reload when you’re using an app?

...and Unique.

Before you build a new version or new app ask yourself how often are your apps being used?

Are your apps ‘worth it’ to users?

Do your apps differ from other similar apps?

If you don’t have these answers then do some digging, as around, do a bit of "friend" testing. You need to know your future users needs and feedbacks; make sure you’ve got all the data you can get your hands on. Measure app usage from every angle you can.

In fact, that’s also the key to a long APPLIFE! You could have the best BLING app, but if it comes from nowhere and doesn’t speak to needs, it’s as good as useless.

Metrics are available. You users are there – look and listen.

You can even get a good idea of how competitive apps are performing with Competitive insights and trawling stores etc.

3. Bring your apps ‘Offline’

The mobile trend is going offline!

How much do your users pay for their phone bill? Are they using data plans? Are they accessing the app through wifi? Are your apps constantly eating data? OMG! Solve the problem: How can you let users use the app with poor network connections (or none)?

And data usage isn't the only reason why your app should go offline, but also security. That’s why the biggest trend in the industry is to make apps work in places where no Internet connection is available. 


So now you are ready with your brilliant app idea, let us know if we can help you with top mobile developers.

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