Technology Ingrained: Not just companies go mobile


My phone died the other day. I was out and couldn't get to a charger or plug for 7 hours. It was unnerving, inciting a fair amount of panic and confusion until I thought - "it wasn't that long ago that I functioned perfectly well without." 

It’s amazing; have you really thought about how much mobile apps change our lives these days? What is the biggest effect? There's lots of buzz as companies go mobile but here are just a handful of examples from the day to day life outside the office...

Get Everything Instantly & Easily

1. News/Information

Our smartphones are just like an encyclopedia to the world, right in the palm of our hand! Everything you want to know is readily available in a minute. Personally, I will check the weather app every morning; this kind of app usually packs in your smartphone as default. (Of course you can find a different one that fits you better.) It’s convenient, simple, and instant – just go and check what will happen in the following hours.

In the past:
Switch on the TV/ radio during weather report – Need to wait for the scheduled reporting time. Missed it? No worries - it's just 30 more minutes before they replay it.

What’s next? The commute: what do you see people doing with phones on trains, buses, and (unfortunately in) automobiles? Yeah, reading news and checking emails. Actually, we save time by checking these things during transportation (eyes on the road, drivers!!!).

All the data updates instantly – We can always get the latest news and information.

In the past:

Read the newspapers – Carry the extra papers.
Watch news during the news report – Need to wait for the scheduled time.

2. Entertainment & Social

How do you share your happiness with your friends (Oh? It’s the main usage of your smartphone?)

Of course, sharing through the social media apps, such Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. is so easy now; everyone shares every small part in his or her daily lives. Its called Ambient awareness.
Like this?

Well, that’s how we share today. So how have we changed? Family and friends (including some thousands of miles away) can find and react with you through apps, through your posts. That links us together, shares together, any time, anywhere.

Comparing to the past: When "I guess you just had to be there..."
Share the happiness after it's over – Can’t sharing/ “participate” in the activity (if someone wants to share when the things are doing)
React while still in a gathering – Act face-to-face, but can’t be so often
Sending emails/ writing letter – especially for 1 receiver reactions (mainly)

And mostly - What do people love to do with their smart devices? The winner goes to ENTERTAIN (videos and games)!

No news here, videos and games are the greens of mobile apps. You’ll always keep 1 or 2 apps around. You don’t need to bring an extra thing to entertain yourself (or your kids!).

Compared with the past:
Watching videos at home/ in the cinema.
Bringing a PSP/ 3DS out street.


3. As a guide/ Multi-objective handbook

Are you lost? Sometime we are all - but no more! Unless your phone is out of juice, apps can help you much more directly with finder functions and web accessibility. Of course you can always Google something, but – a little sample – Find Near Me app; it provides data of locations nearby you (yes, you need to show your location with your GPS system) that you can go on the right way by your own.

Comparing to the past:
Find a new location – You need to prepare a map + your luck/ ask someone to show you the way (if they even know).

Oh, and don't forget trying to fold that stupid foldable map. Impossible!

Apps: The more we use, the more we get.

A little extra information: What apps are people using (U.S. Age 18+ Users; iOS and Android Platforms)

Our lives have changed dramatically through mobile apps and it's going to be change even more. 

And in this article I just focused on apps I use in my personal life. I didn't go near Enterprise apps. As companies go mobile there are even more fundamental changes, , whole new functions in fact, like Mobile Relationship Management, Mobile Product Management or Digital Asset Management that didn't even exist before. 

Hold onto your hats.

Be part of the Mobile revolution!

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