The 5 steps for how to succeed in mobile

5 Steps to Success

"Should I build a mobile app?" is still a popular question even though 2015 is seen the year companies go mobile. Actually the best way to get into mobile is with an app.

Apps take up 95% of consumers time on mobile. The whole app-sphere can be quite complex. Let’s make it easier for you.

This infographic highlights the different players within the mobile ecosystem that you need to engage when getting into the app business.


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STEP 1 -

A company wants to build an app to reach its target users, whether customers, employees, investors, suppliers etc. The company could be a large multinational, a small medium business, a charity, an agency, an educational institution or even the government.


There are 2 key things to consider here 1) what do you want your users to do? What do you hope to get out of them? Is it Data? Is it Sales? Are you driving awareness? Or are you bringing people to your stores etc?

Now you have that covered why are your users going to use your app? What's the benefit for them?

STEP 2 -

To build the app the company will have to find the right quality mobile app developers. Companies will either engage an internal developer, preferred development partners or look at 3rd party specialist developers who have strong design skills to build an app with an intuitive User Experience for a four-inch screen.


STEP 3 -

Nowadays to build the app Developers will use APIs. API’s basically bring in all the data, services and functionality into an app which them becomes pretty much a presentation layer. E.g. An API could be used in the following ways

- Internal APIs  providing infromation such as product data, customer information, pricing, inventory

- Third party APIs such as location, payment e.g. Paypal, Maps e.g. Googlemaps, Login with Facebook connect

- Device APIS such as accessing the camera


STEP 4 -

Around three months later you have your app and are ready to engage your target user. So you need to

1. Make sure your apps are on the relevant app stores, internal or external

2. Increase the awareness of your application

3. Promote its value

4. Drive usage


STEP 5 -

Now you’ve built the applications, it’s live on the marketplaces and your users have downloaded the application. You will want to measure their performance across ,as we call it, the “app-sphere”. Continually optimizing will help you understand what to change and how to succeed in mobile. 


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