Why is Mobile Relationship Management so important to enterprise?

Apps are a complicated business with lots of moving parts.

1. Driving Mobile User Engagement

Too often Enterprises believe that their job is done once an app is built but that’s when your work, rather than the developers, really starts.

Other than users actually falling across your app in a store how are they going to hear about your app and how do you limit the number of steps they have to take to download the app e.g. advertising, in other apps, on the web and stores, via messaging, through social media etc.

Knowing what your competitors are doing and how successful they are at mobile, and comparing that with how your apps are performing can help you make better decisions about how to improve to get the results you want. You can answer all these questions with the AppBoard.

2. Maximising the Reach of Your Apps

The reason that developer selection for an app is so important is that you can’t get great mobile user engagement without an app that works. HSBC recently launched an app that users couldn’t log into. And they didn’t know. Had they had a newsfeed they would have been on the case much faster. Putting your app on the right stores can increase downloads by up to 200% and increase the chances of being featured by 20x.

Soon apps will be simply a presentation layer – think of it sort of like a TV channel, what appears in it will be provided by a series of APIs, they not only act like channels but allow text, images, as well as service e.g. ability to pay, calculations, FB connect etc. Companies will realize that they are specialists at what they do, not at mobile, so they will open their APIs (with clear security and management controls) to allow developers to build off the top of their companies. E.g. Twitter and Facebook didn’t build their first apps, they opened certain functionalities to 3rd parties who built their own businesses off the back of the APIs provided.

3. Protecting your Brand and IP

In the blog No more app failures: Protecting my brand in mobile we looked at the possibility of brand damage by a poorly executed app, by loosely managed branding but we find that about 50% of our sales calls result in conversations about lost code. The average enterprise costs a minimum of USD150,000 and 50% have lost code?! That’s an expensive mistake. Now add the personnel who have left or been promoted and you have a whole host of apps that are sitting on the store with no ability to assess performance, to change them, to reuse them.

Reusing code can save you up to 60% of development costs, so is your team collaborating to prevent these issues?

THAT’S why App Logistics is so important.

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