Build an app in line with your User’s Journey

A user journey is typically a series of steps which represent how a user interacts with your product or service.

They can be used in 2 main ways: Demonstrating the way users currently interact with your product or service, or the way in which you suspect they will interact with it.

Once you know the journey a user takes you need to think about who you are targeting on that journey. Let’s take travel for example. Are you focusing on a business person? A business person on holiday? Or a backpacker? Etc.

Knowing who they are can help you define what kind of device they use. If they are a 55 year old banker from the US they are probably using a Blackberry. And don’t use iPads for your Bangladesh factory workers etc.


When your banker is traveling on business what are his/her behaviors e.g. has never downloaded an app in their life – STOP PROJECT. Seriously this is a really important point at which to do a reality check. Will the user behavior help you meet your mobile app objectives which in turn have to meet your business objectives?

If your idea still makes sense then make sure you address what languages your users will be using. Consider whether the user experience is going to be better in a separate app or whether you can manage with multiple languages in the same app.

Make sure you really think carefully about what you are trying to achieve first and then match that to the users you need to make that happen when you are considering how to define an app.

Once you've got your idea straight in your head, you've done a bit of a reality check on what will appeal to your target users and if it fits their journey its time to go ahead and build an app. 

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