Building smartwatch apps for christmas; Apple watch is killin' it!

After 2 weeks whizzing across multiple cities in Europe, one thing really stood out. Nearly everyone I met (in a professional capacity that is) was wearing an Apple Watch. 

While my mobile may have replace my watch, the watch has become a piece of jewelery rather than just for telling the time.

Then I saw this video with each of the celebrities wearing Apple Watch. Apple seems to have got it right again, finding the mix between jewelery and functionality, purpose and comfort.

Christy Turlington, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Anna Wintour all have apple watches, and even Pharrell Williams is Appy with his Apple watch.

And just to add to this, as I pick up my kids from school, their teachers als also wearing the Apple Watch. They love the apps and the ability to change displays.

So are you planning any smartwatch apps? Is your business planning apple watch apps? If you do you want to get it ready now in time for Christmas. Download numbers spike during the holidays when everyone opens the present to find their new smartwatch.


The Apple watch is becoming a new app platform. So if you want to start

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