Trends in enterprise apps are causing huge growth every second...

Have you noticed the increased number of apps showing up in the app stores? Can you ever find what you are looking for? There is an app available for almost everything;

  • To help you pack your suitcase,
  • a smart driving assistant,
  • to track how your pet is doing,
  • to shorten emails,
  • to help when your battery is dying, etc.
  • There is even an app to manage your relationships.

So, how much time are you spending inside mobile apps every day? Would you say more time than let's say a year ago?

Benedict Evans said “Mobile is eating the world”.

The benefits of apps for enterprise means that companies need to work out how to meet the expectations of their customers as they innovate.

Trends in enterprise apps are driven by smartphone-savvy users and they expect well-known brands to have an app nowadays.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the number of apps available on the different stores and we think you'll be surprised by the number of apps brands have in different industries.

If you're interested in these industries you can check out our mobile apps & insurance report or 15 Leading global banks spent nearly $80M on 606 mobile banking apps ...

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