The watch is Dead! Long live the Apple Watch!

Apple’s doing it again - taking a product and reinventing it. 

Pre-Apple it was the PC, then it was the walkman, music store, mobile and watch. Now its the Mac, the iPod, itunes, iPhone and Apple Watch.

People are beginning to adopt smartwatches but 36% wouldn’t buy the same brand - these are the early adopters, they are looking for the latest and greatest. 

And the latest and greatest looks like Apple has knocked it out of the park again.

Since the release of the their watch there are hints that Apple took over the leadership position in Smartwatches in terms of market share as well as shipments (rumours still at this point). In terms of a wearable FitBit is still keeping the lead.

Enterprises are beginning to enter the space with some interesting branded Smartwatch apps. And the number of Apple apps has increased dramatically and this trend is going to increase as Christmas looms. The Apple watch app developers in our network are definitely feeling the demand increasing as Apple Watch apps are rolled out. 

Siri is going to play a bit part of the upgrades. Not surprising really when you think about the horror of input on a device as small as a smartwatch.

You'll be able to include deeplinks in your apps to leverage this. 

Other customisations will include the look of your watch face and security will be tighter to allow for the usual jealousy that overtakes people when new Apple devices are released - you remember the stories of people hiding their shockingly new white Apple earphones to avoid getting their iPhones nicked.

Apple is really a master of delivering to their market - both in messaging and in products. As an Apple fan long may it continue!

And if you are one of those wondering "how much does an apple watch app cost to build" or "how do I find an apple watch app developer", let us help. 


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