Mastering the mobile ecosystem to win with apps

The mobile ecosystem is complicated - there are so many moving parts - developers, platforms, devices, backend services, analytics, app store optimisation (ASO) - and the list goes on. Arghghgh!

The traditional technology department struggles to keep up with the ever increasing demands for mobile coming from different groups in the organization - sales, HR, marketing, product, warehousing etc. 


If they can’t keep up with you, watch that demand move outside the organization. 

Suddenly marketers, HR professionals, inventory specialists are having to become experts in how to build a successful mobile app. Some of them will do a great job, a frightening number won’t so the company ends up wasting time and money - as well as all that learning (good and bad) - as each person reinvents a new process again and again. 

What’s more is that people often forget that there is a “Life after the app’s built”. 

We’ve put together a flow to show you the steps that you should be going through as you navigate through the Build, Manage and Promote of mobile. 



Download MWM pipe flow


This workflow process is what we call Mobile Workflow Management MWM - we are to interactions with current and future apps what Customer Relationship Management CRM is to interactions with current and future customers. Its what a marketer would think of as App Management and Digital Asset Management.

Success with mobile apps - the role of mobile asset management

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