The cost of and risks of mobile apps management


With the explosion of social media, mobile apps can build or damage a brand. 

Mobile management or mobile app lifecycle management - managing your apps through the app lifecycle - is critical for protecting your brand as well as maximising the return on your investment. Why is mobile relationship management so important for enterprise?

Managing apps properly means looking at the organisation’s portfolio as a whole (How do you manage apps?). By not consolidating efforts or not following best practices you can incur huge costs, in time and money, for example;


- Inefficiencies in your portfolio

- Dramatic costs of incorrect developer selection

- Significatnt loss of learnings and assets for your organisation.

- Duplication of efforts by your team

- Time consuming reporting to management, finance etc

We’ve had a go at outlining the areas where the biggest drain on time and money arise - for SMBs, SMEs and large Enterprises. Obviously it will vary by how many apps your company has, plans to build, how many employees you have charged with apps, your global spread (e.g. different languages and locations increases the complexity of managing apps) etc. but it should give you an idea of where you should be looking or mobile management, app management or digital asset management software to ameliorate the risks of mobile apps. 

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The value of automating your workflow  

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