Three Key steps in Building a Mobile App

I want to build an app.

I hear it more and more often these days.

Because of course, who doesn't want to take part in the mobile revolution? It doesn’t matter if you are part of a big company, a start-up, freelance, or a passionate gamer that would love to share your idea with the world… or even if you already have a few apps distributed or if you want to become an app builder for the first time, there are some key things you should know if you want to build a successful app.

Because let's face it – building an app isn't easy, but it is exciting and full of new opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Wait, what's that?

You have no developer? Someone told you that the reason that many of app projects fail before they even go to market is client-developer relations?

They were right. How to find a good developer is really one of the key steps in building a mobile app.

Do you know how often I hear about how a developer of a brand new app suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving the client with half an app that no one will finish? Or about code that mysteriously disappears - so one minute you are working and dreaming and the next minute your app literally doesn't exist. It is true – you can spend a lot of money, time, and energy and end up completely in a lurch.

Choosing your developer well is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Tip #1: Define what you really want.

“I want to build the best fitness app ever” and “I want an app that is Social” are not – I repeat NOT – development briefs. Define your app as if you are describing something that already exists. Because if you don’t really know what you want – how will your developer ever figure it out? Failure here generally results in a blown budget with overdue and junky delivery.

Tip #2: Pick an experienced developer.

And I don't mean one that has built 200 apps. I mean one that has built 3 Apps that are like the one you want to build. They needn’t be competitor apps, but if you want to build a fitness App that uses the Fitbit API, you're probably better off not going with the guy whose last 20 projects were banking software. Consider specialization across all categories, technologies, and languages. It is common sense, but so many people make this mistake, and think about it – would you go to the plastic surgeon for a broken arm?

Tip #3: Bring in an expert when you are not.

Especially if this is your first app, you might consider working with someone who can talk through key points, available APIs and potential features, the competitive marketplace, and a market strategy. Two heads are better than one, especially if one really knows what they are talking about! If you pick a developer that can be this expert – you are on your way to a winning app!

Have your own personal horror story? Tell us about it!

Hmmmm. If only there was someone or something that could take the pain and fright out of the process...

Oh, of course... we have a solution! Welcome to AppBuilder - a tool to help you with developer matching and finding quality mobile development companies for your idea. 

AppBuilder is the App Development Integral Solution by Exicon, comprised of our team of App Experts and a network of more than 3,000 highly qualified developers around the world to help take your app idea from idea to delivery. It even includes the App Cost Calculator so you can ballpark what your app will cost you.

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