Building a killer app: Step 1 - Defining the user journey

There are lists of things to do if you want an app with great performance during the app lifecycle.  Over the next few days we're going to break down the 5 steps for defining an app.


Today we're looking at the user journey

[image credit: The Journey: X by Basheer Tome]


Step 1. Defining the User Journey

Whether this is for internal or external users it is important to understand the steps that your user goes through on their journey and identifying the points of interaction between them and the company. Are they a supplier delivering product, a customer buying online, are they doing research into competitors, are your employees trying to make a sale in the field?

Mapping the journey for your user identifies and determines the key touch points, and the challenges and opportunities that mobile can/needs to address.

Overlay your user journey with that of adjacent or similar industries to gain insights and ideas of successful features for potential use e.g. is the hotel journey similar to an air traveler, or someone hiring a car? Do they all need to start with research? Then booking? Travel to hotel/airport? Check in etc

Group the steps of  your user journey into core areas of activity and/or responsibility (e.g. Research & booking, this may be a number of steps within the overall journey) with the desired outcome, interactivity and priority for the user and your organization.


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