Building a killer app: Step 2 - Map users to your business

Step 2. Map to your business operations

Now we come to Step 2 of the Build Phase of your app lifecycle.

“Unfurl” the user journey and map that onto your key business operations and constituents. At each step highlight and identify areas of pain, priority and interests from your business perspective.

However, the different users you are targeting with your app may have different usage patterns e.g. Business traveler vs. leisure traveler, German users vs Chinese users, availability check for product for a user vs. member of staff etc.

Identify, segment and profile your users taking into account their different needs and usage to build context, understand their habits, preferences and activities, this will help you with your app definition.

It is a combination of these 3 components:

- what your business prioritises are

- what your business is strong at 

- what your users would benefit from

that provides the foundation for your decisions about what to include in defining an app.


2 key steps to creating a great app


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