Companies go mobile. Should schools and universities too?

As a father of 4 children, like every parent, I look to providing the best possible preparation for my children as they graduate and enter (slowly) the "grown up" world, stepping out of the clasps of my "parenting".

Having spent most of my career in one of the most exciting industries, I also know how fast the world is changing and how software is eating the world. The language of communication is going to be in code.

At the same time, companies go mobile, there is also a big trend in Education moving online and into apps. Here quick glimpse of what is going on in the Education industry. You can find out more on our Resourecs Page.

Ok so where is this going...?

Kids will be writing all their reports, whitepapers, and works directly to websites; as a parent, I always wonder how can they be sufficient in a software world....Hence Codeacademy.

Finally, a place where my kids can spend as much time as they want on the computer... Codeacademy.



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