Google Analytics View ID

Puzzled by what a google analytics View ID is? When analyzing your In-App Analytics it is important to understand what the View ID is and how it works. 

First understand your:

  • Analytics account ID

When you create an account in Google Analytics, the account is provided with a unique ID. This ID is part of the tracking code that is inserted in the source code for your site or app. For example, if the tracking code for your site uses the property ID UA-10876-1, the account ID is the central number 10876.

  •  Analytics properties

A property is a website, mobile application, or device (e.g. a kiosk or point-of-sale device.) An account can contain one or more properties.

In the Analytics tracking code, the property for a reporting view has a unique ID, which is a combination of the account ID and additional digits. This property ID links a property to one or more views in an Analytics account. The ID can be found in the Admin section of Analytics, or by searching for UA- in the source code of your web page or app. For a property ID UA-10876-1:

  • 10876 is the account number.
  • 1 is a view within the account. A second view for the same account that tracks an additional property might use UA-10876-2 for the property ID.

Google Analytics automatically creates one unfiltered view for every property in your account, but you can set up multiple views on a single property. 

How do I find the Google Analytics View ID ?

Login into your Google Analytics Account, Under the Admin select your account, select View Settings, under basic setttings you will see your View ID

Source: Google Analytics

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