How to find the best app developers - easily

You’ve checked the price on the App Cost Calculator (Sign up for a free AppBoard for access. You'll also get help finding developers if you decide to take it forward - all under NDA) and you’ve put the budget aside, taken a deep breath and typed in “Mobile app developers” or “App Development companies” and you’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer choice.

Lots of them look great, work for great clients, have lots of great pictures, can clearly code but how do you choose!?

We began our journey as a Developer Agency and along the way built a network of over 3000 software developers - some building their own products and others only working “for hire”.

Inevitably there was the question from people who knew us “Which mobile app development company should I use to build this great app idea I have?”

We started off doing the introductions manually before developing our database further and building a tool to help people get matched with one of these great developers.

We always tell people “Drs aren’t created equal, neither are developers. You wouldn’t go to a paediatrician to do your plastic surgery”. Development skills are equally specialised which is why we filter developers to match your project.

You are matched with three developers based on a number of different factors but the major ones include location, skills, industry experience and price. But in reality we also take into account the “softer” skills dependent upon what you are trying to build and your own experience e.g. Project management, design expertise or even communication style.

Once you have 3 developers who can do the job we introduce you to each other to see whether there is a “meeting of minds” before you make a final decision.

Oh, and before you ask of course everything is under NDA.

So if you’re ready go to the AppBuilder with your free AppBoard trial, send us whatever you’ve got - notes on a napkin, sketches, wireframes, detailed specifications or prototypes and then we’ll get on a call to walk through it with you before getting you matched!

Find the best developers for your app

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