Success with mobile apps - the role of mobile asset management

The potential losses from not managing your apps properly can be huge.

- Brand damage

- No downloads 

- No engagement 

- Poor quality or lost code

- Duplication of apps

- Poorly planned apps

All of which add up to a complete waste of your time and money and your more conservative colleagues telling you "I told you that my mother wouldn't download it so we shoulnd't do it" type soul-destroying conversations. 

First thing is don't worry, you're in mobile which means you are already ahead of the curve. 

You just need to consider what you should be doing. 

The returns can also be huge if you manage your portfolio properly - in terms of engagement, sales, awareness, employee satisfaction, etc. 

But the mobile ecosystem is complicated and the space is still evolving. You'll hear terms like Mobile Product management, mobile asset management, mobile user engagement, mobile application manager, what is mobile workflow management for products like ours.

The key thing you should be asking yourself first is which of these should I do?

1. Nothing

2. Outsourcing to a collection of individual 3rd party specialists for each step of the value chain

3. Building your own Platform to manage all the aspects of mobile for you

4. Using a cloud solution to Build, Manage and Promote your entire app portfolio. 

Download this infographic to see the Pros and Cons of each of the options above. 

Download Options for managing your apps

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