The cost of doing nothing in technology

“Never change a winning formula” - isn’t that what we were always told?

As far as my Mum’s lasagne is concerned that might be true - although I hear all of the shouts about “Red meat is bad for you! Don’t eat the cheese! Animals products - baaad!” - so maybe even that isn’t included.


The only constant is change.

And in the world we live in that change is getting faster and faster.


We’ve taken a look back at the last 20 years to have a look at some industries that had clear leaders (NY Taxi, Kodak, Blockbusters and Borders), way ahead of the pack. And we’ve looked at how an unwillingness to meet the changing market has caused those leaders to crash and burn while the disruptors (Instagram, Amazon, Uber, Netflix) , leveraging technology have taken their place.


Can your business adopt technology gradually? Can you afford the cost of doing nothing in technology? Can your business evolve from where you are? Can you live eat and breathe digital innovation? Or are you going to have to look at other ways to innovate “in parallel”? Should you be using technology to innovate?


Check out the infographic  to see if your business needs to start thinking differently.

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