Building a killer app: Step 4 - Choosing the winning features

Wow, you should have learned a lot about what your app should/could have (Step 1Step 2 and Step 3) - understanding what is out there, who is doing a great job, why your business would benefit from an app from a customers perspective as well as from your own perspective.

Now comes the interesting part.

Step 4. Choosing the winning features

You get to make the final choice

  • What is the MOST compelling thing I could do for my user segment?
  • Does it add business value? Yes/No
  • What is the next most compelling thing I could offer my user segment?
  • Again, does it add significant business value?

The ideal situation in app definition is that there is one amazing feature that your users would die for and you get massively, enormously huge sales/savings/efficiencies/brand awareness.

But that is seldom the case. Often you have to really be brutal in the decisions about what really is going to add value to your user jouney and whether you are really building a killer app.

If not keep going down the features until there is enough business value for you.


If you have to have lots and lots of features to create any business value you might want to rethink. Creating a huge application with lots of little features isn't the best way to build a killer app.


You might want to look at what an app costs before you decide whether there is a high enough return on your investment (ROI of mobile apps) but BE CAREFUL.

Apps bring much much more than pure financial return.

They can drive

  • Brand Awareness
  • Data
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Sales
  • Efficiencies
  • Crowdsourced content
  • Event attendance
  • And the list goes on

This is the exciting bit of defining an app.

This is where your app finally takes shape.


Want more detail? Go through the individual steps!

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