Sn-Appy Review: Health Insurance App Nib

Nib - Health Insurance App

(On both iTunes & Google Play)


Making Private Health Insurance easy


 What they claim to do:

  • Making a claim is now as easy as taking a photo
  • View your remaining annual benefits on extras,
  • View and update your personal details,

App store ratings:

Google Play: 3.9

iTunes: Unknown


Exicon's Comment:


  • Nice, Easy-to-understand layout;
  • It's an awesome way to keep track of claims, not like most insurance apps;
  • We love these functions;
    • Photograph your medical expenses
    • Simplify that nightmare of tracking what percentage of benefits you are still covered for
    • Track your submitted claims
    • Everything you need to get hold of, all in one place.
  • None of the major buttons are 'wasted' to sell me new stuff;
  • Really user friendly.



  • There are definitely a few mobile login bugs on the app but we're assuming that they'll be able to sort that out soon.  


Nib insurance, the Australian insurance company has done a great job of thinking their app through. 


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