Sn-Appy Review: iBOLT car app

iBOLT Automotive app - Dock'n Drive

(On both iTunes & Google Play)


Connect your car - A car app that lets you create your own car dashboard, vertically or horizontally.


 What they claim to do:

  • A customizable screen that lets you set shortcuts to all your favourite apps and functions e.g. dialling so you don't have to mess about when you're driving.


Store ratings:

Google Play: 4

iTunes: 3


Exicon's Comment:

They have 2 different versions for Android and iOS platforms. The Android one has much more flexibility and functionality. 


  • Simple, clear layout for information,
  • We love these functions,
    • The speedometer and compass media controls show at eye level so you can concentrate on the road,
    • (Android) You can create shortcuts for your most-used apps so you can switch easily,
    • (iOS) Video recorder integration with your GPS so you can record the time, date, car speed and location,
  • User friendly.



  • You need a stable signal for the GPS function,
  • (Android) Detailed design in settings for every single point - good but too many options,
  • (iOS) some bugs with the temperature section,
  • (iOS) the video recording function only works in landscape mode.


Overall a great idea, needs some tweaking on the execution but we like it.



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Source: iBOLT

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