Sn-Appy Review: MyChart medical app

Other: MyChart health care app

(Available on both iTunes & Android)

Purpose:  An interactive health record used by patients for receiving test results, appointment scheduling, prescription renewal, immunization updates, search library, and it also allows you to email directly with your doctor.


Used by some of the biggest health care providers in the world (ie. Cleveland Clinic).


Store ratings differ by provider but on average:

iTunes: 4

Android: 4.2


How it works: Contact your doctor’s office to see if they participate. They’ll give you an id/pw that you’ll enter once you download the app and select your provider.


Exicon’s Comments:


  • Notifications if actions required
  • Easy to use, stable, and often updated.
  • A nice touch is the personal element (particularly useful for international patients) in that you can email your doctor directly


  • Your healthcare provider needs to be connected too.



Overall comment

An excellent tool for keeping your medical information centralized, up-to-date, and enabling a quick and accurate view from one single, central location.


As one user notes: “I love this app! Having cancer is difficult but this app makes keeping up with everything so much easier. Highly recommend!”


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