Sn-Appy Review: Barclay Finance app

Finance: Pingit payment app

(Available on both iTunes & Android)


Purpose:  This app from Barclay’s allows you to pay for things, direct from your bank account, think of it a bit like Paypal (but for the UK).


Barclay’s business customers can also use Pingit to make it easy for their customers to pay via mobile number, twitter handle, or QR code.


Store ratings:

iTunes: 4

Android: 3


Exicon’s Comments:


  • Easy and speedy. Seems nice and secure, couldn’t find any complaints!
  • Robust functionality with zero reason to ever need to log into Barclay’s website again.
  • No multiple security hurdles - bliss.


  • Updates have caused random error codes which forces people to reset passwords which is annoying.
  • Everyone needs a UK phone number and a Barclays bank account. (For merchants who don’t have an account, they can still receive payment though.)


Overall comment

The app is a layup if you’re already banking with Barclay’s. For business owners, it’s worth getting the app as an additional payment offer for your customers.

What is REALLY interesting though is what the Pingit app is hopefully going to be integrated into so you’ll be able to pay, from your bank account, via other apps e.g. maybe your restaurant bill or your taxi fare. 



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