Sn-Appy Review: Tado° IoT app

IoT: Tado° home automation app

(Available on both iTunes & Android)

Purpose:  Location based smart home heating and air conditioning solution. This app connects to your Tado° home thermostat and prepares the home for your arrival.


Store ratings:

iTunes: n/a

Android: 3.6


Exicon’s Comments:


  • Installation is easy. Save yourself the $50 euro install cost and do it yourself.
  • Customer service is responsive with upgrades that are thoughtful and thorough.
  • Runs on less than 5% of battery charge.
  • Saves $.



  • Permissions currently allow all or nothing access. My kids should have on/off option only, not the ability to blast the heat to 33 degrees!
  • When I intentionally turn off wifi, the constant alerts that it’s needed to run can be annoying. I get it.
  • Needs a more accurate ‘home mode’. Occasionally the app fails to detect that no one is home which results in $ lost.


Overall comment:

This basic solution works but the app needs more features. With Tado°’s long list of upgrades in the pipeline and an already great customer service record, we’re optimistic.



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Source: Tadoº

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