CareZone app to manage the healthcare needs of your loved ones

Healthcare app to take care of your family




Manage medications and healthcare for you and your loved ones.


Why we love this app:

  1. Simply take pictures of your meds and all the information about names, dosages,etc is input for you automatically.

  2. Get reminders of what pills to take, when

  3. Have all the documents, records, doctors contacts in one place, when you need them.


Just the process of consolidating all of the information in an easy-to-use, easy-to-access format can help reduce the stress, particularly if there are multiple caregivers or you're not living close by.


 What they claim to do:

  1. The Carezone app makes it simpler to take care of yourself, an aging parent, and other family members that need your help.


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★½    iTunes: ★★★★½


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Source: Carezone

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