Inditex Zara app will help you with your cloth shopping

Retail app to make clothes shopping easier


Shop the latest trends with a handy scan-to-find feature.


Why we love it:

Zara is famous for its extremely fast supply chain and great anticipation of trends. With the added scan feature, you can scan the barcode on in-store items for clothes where your size or colour are unavailable. The app will then recall your item and direct you to the closest store for purchase or you can follow the link directly to the online store - you can finish your shopping whenever you like. This must-have accessory is just the thing we need to manage our entire shopping experience.


What they claim to do:

  1. Easy UI to shop online with inspiring trends and a #zaradaily update to see how pieces look together and the ability to buy it all directly.

  2. Includes sizing chart, ability to track purchases with the same return policy as their website and includes a customer service portal for enquiries.

  3. Great visuals, fast interface, with their latest inventory updated multiple times/week.

  4. Links to Applepay in the US and Canada.


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★     iTunes: ★★★★    Windows: ★★★★    Blackberry: ★★★½


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Source: Zara

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