Sn-Appy Review: Noke Padlock App


Retail: Noke Bluetooth Enabled Padlock App

(Available on iTunes & Android

Purpose:  Unlock your bike, locker, or shed with your smartphone. (It’s pronounced No-Key, get it?)



Store ratings:

iTunes: 3

Android: 2.6


Exicon’s Comments:


  • Unlocks from a distance using Bluetooth (this is a pro so long as no one is around to break into your shed or steal your bike before you actually get there).
  • Location based history includes the option to manage multiple locks.
  • If your smartphone dies, “quick-click” allows you to open the lock using a series of squeezes on the shackle.



  • Price. While the app is free, you need to buy the shackle which will set you back 70 USD - far and above the cost of any traditional key/passcode enabled pad-lock.
  • It stinks for Android users: password memory fails, problems with registration, app often freezes up, and lots of force quitting.


Overall comment

If you're like me and can never remember your passcode/key, happen to be an iPhone user, and can stomach the cost, it’s a win.


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